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Best Stretchy Shoes for Women

Women's stretchable and pain relief shoes offer ladies the extra bit of space and flexibility they need to feel comfortable in their shoes. Women who suffer from foot injuries and chronic foot problems find security and pain relief in stretchy shoes.

There are a number of foot ailments that can require stretchable shoes. Some of these that one may suffer from includes issues like swelling feet, bunions and corns. These ailments would greatly benefit from swapping out their regular shoes for the stretchy variety.

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How Can Stretchable Shoes Help?

Stretchy shoes are more forgiving and flexible. They do not have the strong rigidity of standard shoes that often leads to foot problems like corns and bunions in the first place. They bend and flex to accommodate bandaging and do not rub and irritate the skin of the foot. They are also very comfortable for feet that suffer from edema as they do not constrict or confine the feet.

Are There Stretchy Dress Shoes?

Stretchable dress shoes are available in a number of formal styles. Healthy Feet Store carries brands like Vionic and Trotter Jake that offer sophisticated flats, Mary Janes, mid-heel shoes and even wedge heel shoes.

Seeking comfort and pain relief does not have to mean compromising style in anyway. Stretchable shoes for women can still look fashionable and professional. Several of our stretchable dress shoes are also available in several colors like black, grey and navy, as well as different finishes like matte and lustrous.

Can Orthotic Inserts Be Used With Stretchable Shoes?

Yes! Many of the brands we stock are experienced manufacturers of orthopedic shoes. They often provide relief for structural issues like arthritis of the foot and planar fasciitis. Stretchable shoes will often have supporting insoles already, but these insoles can be removed and replaced with prescription inserts without any issues. For stretchable extra depth shoes, inserts can be placed directly overtop the existing insoles.

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