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Pediatric Post Op Shoes and Cast Boots

Why Kids Need Post Op Footwear

Surgery and serious injuries can be very traumatic and frustrating for kids. Suddenly they are forced to deal with limitations that impose on their freedom to play, run around, and engage in physical activities. Post Op footwear allows to them to participate in more of their usual activities. With the help of post op shoes or cast boots they can walk and play without causing themselves pain or damaging their cast. This type of footwear provides a protective shield for the healing process and reduces some of the frustration associated with having to endure a serious injury.

How to Choose Sizing for a Pediatric Cast Shoe

Post op and cast shoes for kids are usually one size fits all from preschool to youth. Before settling on a design, be sure to measure the dimension of the cast or bandaging around the foot. The extra thickness of the cast will be much larger than your child's regular shoe size. Compare the measurements of the shoe with the cast measurements before placing your order.

Important Features to Look for in Pediatric Post Op Footwear

Pediatric post op footwear is an investment. A good quality shoe will protect and guide healing without making life harder on kids and their parents. At Healthy Feet Store, we're here to help. Here are a few important features to look for when purchasing any kind of pediatric post op footwear.

  • Rigid or semi-rigid sole. Kids love to jump, run and play. Surgery or an injury will not stop the most rambunctious and active children. To ensure the healing process is not railroaded and that they do not injure themselves further, make sure the post op shoe is sturdy and will not give in under pressure.
  • Adjustable straps. With Velcro or hooked straps there should be enough leeway to find a supportive but comfortable fit. The boot should not be too tight or constraining. That said, a boot that is too loose is also a problem and may easily slip off or slow the healing process.
  • Non-slip outsole. A good quality post op boot will have slip-resistant bottoms. This is crucial for preventing further injury, especially for children who struggle with balance and slowing down.
  • Washable parts. Where there are children there is a high chance of messiness and dirt. Having washable parts in the cast boot will ensure parents can keep things sanitary and stop the growth of any bacteria. Especially in footwear, sweating and playground germs are a risk. Washable parts can make the cleaning process much easier.
  • Shock absorbing technology. This is one of the most important features to have in a post op boot. Shock absorbing foam or padding can take much of the pressure of movement, weight and walking off of the injured foot, minimizing pain and straining on the joint. This feature is especially important for bone and muscle related injuries.
  • Pairs or singles? Before buying, note that some brands offer post op shoes in pairs (as in one shoe per foot) or in singles. Buying a pair may be unnecessary for your needs and more expensive.
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