PediFix - Bunion SoftSplint for Pain Relief

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Product Description

PediFix Bunion SoftSplint: Relief from Bunion Pain

The PediFix Bunion SoftSplint was designed to relieve and soothe bunion pain by aligning crooked and overlapping toes. While worn, this bunion splint will stretch tight muscles and tendons in the foot all while helping to straighten toes and relieve discomfort from painful bunions. The PediFix Bunion SoftSplint is recommended by doctors and foot specialists for patients who don't want or need bunion surgery; plus, it could be used as a post-operative splint to help accelerate healing.
  • Developed to align crooked and overlapping toes
  • Relieves bunion pain
  • Stretches tight tendons and muscles in the foot
  • Adjustable toe positioning
  • Can be used while resting or sleeping


  • B Bunion

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