Ros Hommerson Cake - Women's Casual Shoe

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Ros Hommerson Cake – Comfortable Casual Shoes for Women

If you’re looking for the ultimate pair of uber-comfortable flat-heeled shoes, look no further than the Ros Hommerson Cake! Not only are these great casual shoes easy on the eyes, but they are also easy on your feet. Offering a stylish look, the Ros Hommerson Cake comes with multiple foot comfort features that will have you walking all day long without any foot aches or pain. These uber-chic shoes are perfect to pair with various casual outfits for a day out. The Ros Hommerson Cake is made to perfection with an incredible straight-last feature that will never want you to let go of these shoes.

Featuring an anti-microbial lining, this fantastic pair of casual shoes helps prevent foot diseases and infections, ensuring that your feet remain clean and healthy. Amongst other phenomenal foot support features, the Cake also comes with cushioned heels that offer extra support to the rear of your feet, keeping your heels soft and supple. Moreover, this uber-supportive pair of shoes also comes with flexible outsoles and a rounded toe box. While the flexible outsoles greatly improve road traction, its rounded toe box prevents the occurrence of toenail damage. If all this wasn’t enough, the Ros Hommerson Cake also has a special shock-absorbent feature that not only gives you motion and stability, but also offers your feet protection from serious injuries. All in all, you will not be disappointed with these easy-to-wear casual shoes!

  • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections to ensure healthy, clean feet
  • Cushioned heels offer extra support to the rear of your feet while keeping heels soft and supple
  • Flexible outsoles improve road traction
  • Rounded toe box that prevents the occurrence of toenail damage
  • Shock-absorbent feature that offers motion stability and offers your feet protection from serious injuries


  • A Anti-Microbial
  • C Cushioned Heel
  • F Flexible Outsole
  • R Rounded Toe Box
  • S Shock Absorbing
  • S Straight Last


  • B Bursitis
  • F Flat Feet/Fallen Arches
  • H Haglunds Deformity
  • H Heel Pain/Heel Spurs

* Based on the Features, this product may be appropriate for the listed Foot Conditions.

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