Cloud Nine Sheepskin® by RJ'S Fuzzies Sheepskin Slippers

Cloud Nine Sheepskin® by RJ'S Fuzzies slippers are made with high quality skins and natural sheepskin lining. For added cushioning and support, RJ'S Fuzzies slippers also have an EVA midsole and a skid-resistant rubber outsole. RJ'S Slippers are exceptionally comfortable, long-lasting, and provide many health benefits for feet.

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RJ'S Fuzzies Slippers Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart.

Sizing Chart.

  1. On a piece of paper trace the bottom of your bare foot.
Sizing Chart.
  • Next measure from the heel to the longest toe
  • Sizing Chart.
    Sizing Chart.

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    Sheepskin Slippers - All Natural Comfort for Any Season

    Slip your bare feet into a pair of RJ'S Fuzzies sheepskin slippers, and whether it is summer or winter you will experience a level of comfort that is nothing short of sublime. This is because sheepskin fiber is naturally thermostatic. Thus the interiors of your Cloud Nine® sheepskin slippers by RJ'S Fuzzies will stay at body temperature whenever you wear them ensuring that your feet stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you have perpetually cold feet because of diabetic foot problems or another foot condition that hinders blood circulation, RJ'S Fuzzies sheepskin slippers may be a better and safer method of keeping your feet warm than a hot water bottle or electric blanket.

    Dry Feet, Soft Skin - More Benefits of RJ'S Fuzzies Sheepskin Slippers

    RJ'S Fuzzies Sheepskin Slippers are therapeutic for sweaty feet and dry, cracked skin alike. Sheepskin is a highly absorbent, water resistant, and breathable material, so your feet will never feel clammy, sweaty, or stifled while you are wearing your sheepskin slippers. Because processed sheep's wool contains lanolin, the same gentle moisturizing oil found in many hand creams, whenever you wear your RJ'S Fuzzies sheepskin slippers you'll be pampering your feet with a subtle all-natural moisturizing treatment. Your feet will look great in these rustic and fashionable slippers, and they'll feel better.

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