Old Friend Slippers | Old Friend Footwear

Old Friend Slippers | Old Friend Footwear

The Old Friend Sheepskin Slipper Company has been in business for over 20 years creating 'Old World' style slippers with hand lasting and double leather construction. The Old Friend Slippers for men and women sold at are from Old Friend Slipper Company's medical and orthopedic collection. These step-in, adjustable wrap sheepskin slippers are designed specifically to meet the needs of feet that are arthritic, recovering from surgery, suffering from edema (foot swelling), or have poor circulation. Also available from Old Friend Slippers Company are Old Friend sheepskin insoles. Old Friend sheepskin insoles allow you to give a winter makeover to your favorite pair of shoes or slippers, instantly improving their warmth and comfort.

Old Friend Slippers Are Orthotic Friendly

Old Friend slippers are more than just warm and comfortable, they are also orthotic. Each Old Friend sheepskin slipper contains a padded insole with extra cushioning in the midsole that facilitates proper weight distribution across the foot and improves balance. The extra sole support also increases the slipper's shock absorption capacity decreasing the stress on your joints as you walk. The sides of the slipper are sturdily constructed for limited pronation control and foot protection. Old Friend sheepskin slipper also have a rippled TPR rubber outsole for a skid-resistant grip.

Sheepskin Old Friend Slippers - A Form of Foot Therapy

Of all the materials a therapeutic house shoe might be constructed of, sheepskin is a uniquely foot-friendly fiber. Sheepskin pelts are naturally thermostatic, thus they can actually regulate the internal temperature of a slipper keeping your feet warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. Sheepskin also contains a natural moisturizer called lanolin. The effect is subtle, but over time wearing sheepskin slippers can actually smooth and soften dry, flakey skin. If you're feet tend to sweat, sheepskin slippers can also be an effective form of in-home footwear because of their high degree of absorbency and sheepskin's characteristic tendency to continue to feel warm and dry even when it has absorbed a significant amount of moisture.

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