Arch Pain Information & Treatment

Arch or Heel Pain? Try our Orthotics, Arch Supports and Insoles for Relief

Arch pain or arch strain, refers to an inflammation and/or burning sensation at the arch of the foot. It is caused by an inflammation which can be brought about by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia, usually due to over-pronation. Left untreated, strain on the longitudinal arch continues and spurs may develop.

RECOMMENDATIONS: One of the most successful, and practical treatments recommended by podiatrists are orthotic devices, sometimes referred to as arch supports. Orthotics take various forms and are constructed of various materials, usually best recommended by your doctor to address the severity of your problem. All orthotic devices serve to improve foot function and minimize stress forces that could ultimately arch pain.

SHOE RECOMMENDATIONS: Just about every shoe we carry is built with a good arch support. The top brands for arch support are Brooks, Comfortrite, Darco GentleStep, Drew, Klogs, Naot, New Balance, Orthofeet, Alegria by PG Lite, P.W. Minor, Sanita, Sole, and Spring Step.