Are Different Sized Feet Normal?

Are Different Sized Feet Normal?

When you go shopping for shoes, do you notice that one foot tends to be larger than the other one? Shoe shopping is when most people notice the discrepancy in their feet. So - Is it normal to have different sized feet? Yes, it is! Although, we think of feet as a perfectly matching pair—having two different sized feet is actually more common than not. According to industry research, roughly 60 percent of adults have one foot that is bigger than the other. It has also been reported that some people even have one foot that’s up to 3 inches bigger than the other. Statistics also show that about 80 percent of the U.S. population has a larger left foot than their right foot – on average, the difference being 1/3 of an inch and 1/8 of an inch in length and width. It is very common and perfectly normal to have feet that are different sizes and typically, this isn’t a problem, until trying to find shoes that fit well and are supportive for both feet. What the reasons that feet can differ in size?

Here are a few:

  • Wearing a cast on your foot for a long period of time which can cause shrinking the surrounding muscles.
  • Surgical procedures to correct foot deformities may make one foot smaller than the other. For example, a corrected clubfoot often tends to be smaller and broader than the healthy foot.
  • Being born with feet that are different sizes.
  • A childhood foot injury when the bones are still developing.
  • Continuous use of one foot over the other may make the foot lengthen with time, due to many factors.
  • Pregnancy: Women who have been pregnant also find that their feet increase in size, sometimes not uniformly.

How do you shop for shoes with different sized feet? Look no further than or give us a call to help you find the perfect shoes for your “normal” feet.

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