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Saving big on orthopedic shoes has never been easier than right now at the Shop our clearance page for great closeout deals at prices that can't be beat. When available, shop discount orthopedic shoes, clogs, slippers and more. Our clearance shoes may be closeout, but they've never been opened. Brand new and unworn, you won't find them any more affordable than when we have them. Don't forget that the Health Feet Store also carries a variety of foot care and pain relief products. As we identify shoe and product overstock and roll out new inventory, we'll update out special offers. Sign up for our free members-only monthly newsletter to receive special bargains and site update alerts from

Deep-cut discounts are great, but don't shortcut your foot health. Remember that the entirely of your body weight rests on two sets of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments of your foot and ankle. Keeping your feet strong and healthy is important for continued mobility and general well-being.

If you wouldn't tolerate an upset stomach or a headache every day, then why would you ignore your foot pain? Fungal infections of the toenail or athlete's foot are treatable conditions that can greatly improve foot comfort. Treating bunions and bone spurs in the beginning stages is easy and crucial as well.

Foot discomfort may also be a sign of serious issues like peripheral arterial disease, which due to a plaque buildup, can reduce blood flow to your feet. Reduced blood flow from conditions like diabetes also contributes to foot pain. If left untreated, serious risks can develop that may require drastic surgery.

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Discount and Clearance Foot Care and Pain Relief Products

At although we specialize in providing patients access to top-of-the-line therapeutic and orthopedic shoes, we also offer a variety of other foot care and pain relief products. As new products arrive and overstock becomes available customers who visit the site will see new bargains emerge. Check back periodically to find deep discounts on socks, insoles, and more.

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