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A bunion is a bony hump at the base of the side of the big toe where it attaches to the foot. The enlarged bone may be caused by genetics or by ill-fitting shoes. Bunions can be painful and tend to occur more often in women than in men, possibly because of differences in shoe fashions. When a bunion forms, the big toe often turns inward towards the other toes, causing the base of the big toe to push outward, forming a bunion. Because of the location where bunions occur, a person's entire body weight rests on the bunion with each step causing extreme pain. Bunions are also more susceptible to friction and pressure from shoes, resulting in the development of calluses on top of the bunion.

Causes and Diagnosis of Bunions

Bunions typically begin developing in early adulthood. The problem can become worse when the foot spreads due to weight gain or pregnancy. Bunions often run in families, suggesting a genetic component. Weak or poor foot structure and conditions such as arthritis can also exasperate the problem. Bunions are common in those with larger leg length discrepancies, with bunions forming on the foot of the longer leg.

Women are more likely than men to develop bunions due to differences in foot fashion. Tight, poorly fitting shoes are known to cause bunions. Heeled and pointed shoes are particularly bad for feet as they push the foot bones into unnatural shapes and put a high degree of pressure on the joint between the big toe and the foot.

Bunions can be diagnosed through a visual exam or through an x-ray. The unusual shape of the big toe and resulting pain are indicators of bunions. X-rays can be a useful diagnostic tool to assess the extent of the deformity and to determine a course of treatment. A podiatrist can accurately diagnose bunions and their underlying cause.


There are different treatments for bunions available depending on the extent of the deformity. Orthopedic shoes, custom inserts, medications and in extreme cases, surgery, may be recommended. Your doctor will help determine the appropriate treatment plan for your bunions, whether it's a simple orthotic device, medication or another type of treatment.

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