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The Best Women’s Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

The pain of accessory navicular syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra bone in the foot — the accessory navicular. About 14% of the population has an accessory navicular bone in one or both feet, and it can cause excessive pain and irritation. In some cases, the discomfort can be managed with the help of physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications, but it’s also important to wear the right shoes.

The most important features of shoes for accessory navicular syndrome include cushioning in the heel, extra room in the toe box, enhanced arch support, and a contoured footbed. The best walking shoes for accessory navicular syndrome will also include features like shock absorption and breathability. Because flair-ups tend to happen as a result of physical activity, it’s especially important to ensure that your athletic or walking shoes are designed to support your condition. And, of course, you want them to look great, too!

Find the Best Sneakers for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

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