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Diabetic socks are an important tool in diabetic foot care. Diabetes can cause two major foot problems: diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetic neuropathy results in the suffered being unable to feel heat, cold or pain in their feet. They may also be unable to feel cuts which can become infected. Nerve damage can also make muscles weak, causing the foot to not align properly, resulting in stress. Peripheral vascular disease affects the flow of blood. Poor blood flow can cause sores or cuts to take longer to heal. Poor circulation in the foot can put an individual at a higher risk of developing foot ulcers or gangrene.

Fortunately, diabetic socks can be used as part of a diabetic foot care regimen. Many diabetic socks are designed to only lightly compress the foot, ankle and leg to improve circulation and prevent problems from occurring. Diabetics should not settle for cheaply made socks that do not provide the right type of support and cushioning. Diabetic socks from are designed specifically with diabetics in mind and are doctor recommended to improve circulation and reduce the risk of certain diabetes-related ailments.

Our diabetic socks are made of synthetic materials that maintain their smooth texture and strength even when wet. The socks are made with synthetic materials are designed to wick away moisture to help prevent odors and bacterial growth. Our diabetic socks feature seamless designs, extra padding cushioning along sensitive areas of the foot, anti-fungal and antibacterial features and more. They have light or no compression and have non-binding tops.

The socks are specially stitched to prevent pulling and potentially harmful irritation. While many of our styles are specifically listed for men or women, we also carry unisex styles of diabetic socks that are suitable for men or women and are available in a full range of sizes. When ordering your diabetic socks, pay particular attention to the size to ensure the proper fit and maximum protection. All of our premium diabetic socks are available at our everyday low prices and returns or exchanges are FREE.

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