Collection: Fat Pad Atrophy Shoes

Fat Pad Atrophy is the thinning or decreased size of the fat pad that serves as a natural cushion for the foot. This condition can occur in the metatarsal area of the foot or in the heel. Individuals whose feet has little or no fat pad at the bottom will experience more pain.

Common symptoms of fat pad atrophy include pain in the feet while walking (especially on hard, flat surfaces) or standing for extended periods of time, feeling a mass or swelling in the foot or heel, and thick callus formations on the ball of the foot.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is important for those with fat pad atrophy to wear shoes at all times when standing or walking. Going barefoot in these situations will be painful and damaging to the foot.

Shoes with extra padding are recommended. When occurring in the heel, heel pads or cushions should be inserted in the shoe to protect the heel from heel strikes and skeletal reverberations. When occurring in the forefoot, padded insoles and shoe pads can help cushion tender areas of the foot.

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