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Like any area of the skin, feet are susceptible to a number of deformations and deficiencies that can be difficult to deal with. The most common among skin conditions of the feet is dry skin, which is typically seen as a result of aging and conditions such as diabetes. Dry skin can cause discomfort and can contribute to a number of more serious foot-related conditions, including bunions, hammertoes and Charcot foot.

Dr. Hurless, our founder and resident medical professional, recommends that dry skin is best treated with quality therapeutic ointments and creams, avoiding lotions that may contain drying alcohol. He recommends using foot care creams at night and wearing specially designed socks that help absorption. For best results, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes with our Powerstep insoles or other corrective devices that reduce the risk of friction and rubbing against the dry skin. At, we carry a number of industry-leading foot creams, ointments and other products designed to address dryness and other skin concerns of the feet.