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Dry skin, called xerosis by medical professionals, occurs when the outer layer of skin is deprived of moisture. The outer cells no longer form a good barrier, resulting in cracks, rough appearance, itching and flaking. In addition, decreased protection by the outer layer increases the chance of developing a bacterial or fungal infection. If left untreated, dry skin of the foot can progress to cause painful heel fissures, cracks between the toes, or athletes foot. In patients with diabetes, dry skin can increase the chance of developing an infected skin ulcer. More information on dry cracked heels and calluses.

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Dry Skin Care Products for Dry Feet Recommendations:

Dry skin is best treated with quality therapeutic ointments and creams, avoiding lotions that may contain drying alcohol. Use doctor recommended footcare creams especially at night, and wear specially designed socks that help absorption. Wear comfortable shoes with doctor recommended insoles or other corrective devices that reduce the risk of friction and rubbing against the dry skin.