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Claw toes are toes that are curled in towards the sole of the shoe. Though similar in appearance to hammertoes (where the toes are bent), it is a separate condition in which the toes take on this unique claw-like shape.


In most cases, claw toes develop as a result of wearing shoes that are too short. This often occurs when shoes are sized to fit the big toe, but the second and possibly third toe are longer than the big toe. In rarer cases, claw toe can result from diseases like alcoholism or diabetes.


The main symptom of claw toes in the shape of the toes. The toes are bent upwards from the joint at the ball of the foot, then downward in a curling shape toward the sole of the shoe. In shoe cases, the toes may even curl back toward the ball of the foot, or corns may develop on the toe of the bent toes.


If claw toes is diagnosed early on, it may be fixed with simply splints or tape. During the later stages, special shoes or orthotics can be used to fix the problem.

Claw Toe Orthotics

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