Best Shoes for Shin Splints | Shin Splint Friendly Footwear

Shin splints are very common for athletes, runners and dancers. This condition is marked by a throbbing or aching pain along the inner edge of the shinbone. The pain is often felt both during and after physical activity or exercise, and often hurts more when touching the sore area.

Shin splints are typically caused when the muscles and bone tissue in the leg are overworked. This can develop as a result of running on hard surfaces or another type of repetitive activity that causes excesses use of these muscles and tissues. In addition, a failure to stretch or warm-up before exercising can contribute to the development of shin splints. Overpronators and those with flat feet are more susceptible to getting shin splints, as are those who wear worn-out shoes when they work out.

Treatment for shin splints often involves resting, icing and stretching the area. Many individuals also take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to relieve pain. For ongoing prevention of shin splints, however, it's best to invest in high-quality shoes and orthotics that provide the support you need. At Healthy Feet Store, you'll find a great selection of shoe inserts, arch support insoles and other products for preventing shin splints.