Compression Socks For Men

Today there are many different styles of support socks and compression socks available for men to prevent or treat venous disorders. Medical statistics show that by 50 years of age 50% of men will be afflicted with some type of venous disorder. Lower compression men's support socks are also available as preventative measures to reduce foot and ankle swelling and are great for air travel or when on your feet all day. As preventative support or for varicosities below the knee, support socks are a great choice. With recent advances in knitting technology, many new styles of men's graduated compression socks are now available including dress socks, casual patterned socks, and athletic support socks with CoolMax fibers. For varicosities above the knee, a unisex thigh-high is available with a simple uni-band top. To determine what type and styles of compression socks are right for you, click on Who Needs Compression Hosiery and How Does It Work? Men's socks below include both compression and non-compression plus several styles designed for the special needs of diabetics, hikers and those with sweaty feet. Interested in Women's Socks? - Click Here