Extra Depth Shoes | Double Depth Diabetic Shoes

Shoes with extra depth are deeper than standard shoes

Because of this added depth, your foot goes in deeper than it would in a standard shoe. This gives you more room in the shoe and adequate room for a custom orthotic or diabetic insole. If you've ever taken off your shoes and noticed a red mark where they were squeezed, you could benefit from wearing shoe's with added depth. This red mark could cause a lot of damage for somebody with diabetic feet.

Extra depth also allows extra room for any needed custom orthotics or shoe inserts. 1/4-inch is considered extra-depth and 1/2-inch of added depth is considered extra-extra depth or super depth.

Almost all of the shoes on the Healthyfeetstore.com have removable footbeds and added depth. Visit our Orthopedic Shoes page for the full selection. If you are in need of Extra-Extra Depth Shoes, see our Men's & Women's selection below.

Shop for Podiatrist Recommended Extra-Extra Depth Shoes:

May We Recommend:

  • The Pedors Women's Stretch Walker, a true walking shoe with rocker bottom, stretchable forefoot, two removable insoles, and 5/16" additional depth.

  • For men, a great choice this winter is the Drew Men's Extra-Wide Orthopedic Boot, Big Easy. Drew Big Easy is part of Drew's Plus Fitting System and comes with two removable footbeds for adjustable depth and custom orthotics accommodation. Rocker design on the outsole allows for easy stride.

  • If you are looking for a men's extra depth dress shoe, the Men's P.W. Minor Oxford Shoe, LS Super X has the classic elegance that is perfect for the office and any formal or semi-formal occasions you might need to attend. In addition to the 25% additional depth and 13% additional ball area room, this P.W. Minor Men's Dress Shoe has a steel shank and long inside counter for added stability and support.

  • A very popular extra-depth dress shoe for women is the P.W. Minor Women's Shoe, Summit. In addition to being an extra-depth dress shoe, this shoe has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial brushed knit with wicking action to keep your foot dry.

For more options of stylish footwear, be sure to look at our grand selection of orthopedic shoes for women as well as our huge assortment of men’s orthopedic shoes.