Shop For Gifts | Gifts For Dad | Gifts For Mom has a large selection of podiatrist recommended footwear and foot care products that also make perfect gifts! Freedom from foot pain might be the gift your loved one forgot to put on his or her wish list. Many people with foot conditions put off buying footwear that could relieve their discomfort because they are worried about the cost or don't know where to find the shoes they need. Don't let this cycle of foot neglect continue, give the gift of healthy feet.

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Foot Care Gifts for Diabetics

To stay healthy and ambulatory, it is important for people with diabetes (particularly those with diabetic neuropathy) to take special care of their sensitive diabetic feet. Many people with diabetes, particularly those who have been recently diagnosed, greatly appreciate gestures of understanding and encouragement from non-diabetic friends and family members during the holiday season. Successfully managing diabetes requires a great deal of organization, forethought, and determination. You are, no doubt, very proud of your diabetic loved one for all the positive steps they have taken to safeguard their health and longevity and you should express that pride openly. What better way to show that special diabetic in your life that you support their healthy choices than by giving them the gift of healthy diabetic feet?

Learn more about what diabetics need to successfully care for their feet by reading Dr. Hurless' Guidelines for Caring for Diabetic Feet.

Foot Friendly Nursing Home Gifts

Every week gets multiple calls from children and friends of nursing home residents asking for gift recommendations. Foot friendly gifts are often a good choice for nursing home residents because of the fragile state of the average elderly person's feet. As people age their tissue begins to lose much of its former elasticity. Age may also decrease the effectiveness of blood vessels resulting in decreased circulation. Not only does this lead to chronically cold feet, but without proper care foot conditions in the elderly can become health complications and mobility challenges.

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Eco Friendly Foot Care Gifts

Does your loved one drive a hybrid, buy organic food, or wax poetic about the sustainability movement? Be warned. Your friend or relative may have "gone green." Going green means incorporating environmentalism into your daily life. Here at we encourage you to not only give the gift of healthy feet, but also to give gifts that make you feel good about the act of giving. Green foot care gifts are a win-win situation for everyone. By buying gifts that are made using renewable resources, non-polluting factory practices, and fair trade principles you are making the world a better place and your loved one is getting a gift that not only nourishes their feet, but also their spirit.

Would you like to "go green" too? Your choice of apparel is a good place to start. Read Tree Hugger's Guide to Greening Your Wardrobe for tips on how to be earth friendly from head to toe.