Hard To Find Shoe Sizes For Men

Not all feet can fit into standard size shoes. For men who constantly struggle with finding the perfect fit, there is hope! At Healthy Feet Store, we carry a selection of rare and unusual sizes in men's shoes. These hard-to-find sizes are available in several styles and colors.

Men's Extra-Extra Depth Shoes

Diabetics and men who require ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) accommodation should choose extra-extra depth shoes. Unlike regular shoes or even shoe that offer a little extra depth, extra-extra depth shoes are considerably more expansive and roomier than regular shoes. The have enough extra space to hold an intensive orthopedic insert like the AFO as well as your foot comfortably. Even with the extra space, there is no risk of slipping or looseness. Other than the immense depth, all other dimensions remain the comparable to standard sizes.

Men's Narrow Orthopedic Shoes

Men with narrow feet should explore shoes with narrow widths. This is particularly important if you have prescription inserts and want to avoid slipping and friction.

Small Shoes for Men

If the smallest regular size in men's shoes just does not cut it, explore our selection of small shoes. These shoes have smaller proportions designed to fit smaller feet. Most of these styles are also available in regular styles, so no one will be the wiser.

Men's Wide Shoes

To accommodate wider feet there are wide shoes. We offer orthopedic shoes in all styles and colors in a wider fit. Wider shoes can help prevent issues like bunions and corns for people with wider feet.

Specialty sizes and shapes in shoes can be hard to come by. Even more challenging is find a shoe with the right fit that is also stylish and comfortable. When you shop at Healthy Feet Store, you can check all three requirements off of your list.