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Typical sandals rarely offer the right amount of foot support. Chronic sandal wearers are often plagued by issues like fallen arches, hammertoes, and callused heels. If sandals are so unhealthy for us, why do we keep going back to them? They offer another way to express our personal sense of style and most importantly, they are well-ventilated. Ventilation is a feature that can actually improve the health of our feet by discouraging the growth of fungus and rashes through excessive sweating.

At Healthy Feet Store, we stock stylish and comfortable orthopedic sandals which offer plenty of ventilation with healthy foot-supporting structures. The orthopedic sandals for men and women in our inventory have all been approved and researched by our resident podiatrist, Jeff Hurless. He's made sure all of the therapeutic and medical sandals we offer are effective at providing a healthy environment for your feet.

Healthy Sandals for Multiple Foot Issues

Our healthy medical sandals for men and women target specific problems brought on by wearing ill-fitting footwear or other healthy issues. We take into account trendy styles, foot sizes and dimensions, construction materials, and foot shapes. Types of feet vary, just like hair types or body shapes. Medical sandals that are specially designed for the type of feet you have will go a long way towards preserving your health.

In our collection we have sandals with arch support, orthotic-friendly sandals and diabetic sandals. In the arch support sandals you will find strong arch support, which is a common issue with popular styles like flip flops. We've even gone so far as to find flip flops that intentionally have strong arch support. The same is true for orthotic-friendly sandals that have cushioned footpads, and diabetic sandals that are designed to prevent wounds like blisters, stubbed toes, cuts, heat rashes, scraped skin and calluses from forming. Features like covered tops with ventilation, deep heel indentations, removable footbeds, and shock absorbent polyurethane outsoles are a few of the incredible features our brands offer.

In Healthy Sandals Your Feet Stay Cool and Ventilated Without Sacrificing Support and Comfort

In the world of comfort footwear, sandals have developed a bad reputation. This is a shame because sandals - when properly constructed using high quality, durable materials and orthopedic design principles - are not only supportive and comfortable, but also healthy and therapeutic for feet. All of the sandals sold by HealthyFeetStore.com have been carefully reviewed and recommended by Podiatrist Jeff Hurless. Our orthopedic, orthotic, and therapeutic sandals include a wide variety of styles, colors, widths, and sizes for every taste, occasion, and foot shape. Whether you are looking for a strappy dress sandal, an athletic walking sandal, or an orthotic friendly flip flop at HealthyFeetStore.com you will find the most comfortable sandals for problem feet.

Arch Support Sandals

Lack of arch support is one of the key complaints that most people have about their favorite pair of sandals. At HealthyFeetStore.com Dr. Hurless and our team of shoe experts personally inspect the construction and quality of every sandal we carry to ensure that each one has the anatomical construction, superior shock absorption and durability, and orthopedic heel and arch support that we expect from our orthopedic comfort shoes.

In the right pair of healthy sandals the cool refreshing sensation of the wind against your feet, and the exquisite comfort of wearing a shoe that perfectly distributes your body weight while anatomically cushioning and supporting all the joints, muscles, and ligaments in your legs and feet; combine to create the ultimate energizing comfort sandal experience. While all of our sandals are exceptionally healthy and supportive, some of our sandals are designed specifically for your walking comfort. For example Naot sandals with their anatomically designed cork footbed, deep heel indentation, and shock absorbing polyurethane outsole make excellent travel sandals that can keep up with even the busiest of vacation itineraries. HealthyFeetStore.com carries a large selection of both Men's Naot Sandals and Women's Naot Sandals.

Orthotic Friendly Sandals

Orthotic friendly, supportive sandals have added depth and removable footbeds (sometimes referred to as removable insoles) to accommodate custom orthotics, arch support insoles, and other cushioning footpads. Orthotic friendly sandals may also be a good choice for people with foot conditions or foot deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, or corns because they provide the wearer with adjustable depth.

Some of our most popular orthotic friendly sandals include our collection of Drew Barefoot Freedom® Women's Orthopedic Sandals and our Apis Boxer Dogs Men's Double Depth Sandals. Several of our orthotic friendly sandals also have an adjustable forefoot strap in addition to an adjustable ankle strap for a fully customizable fit that is easily tightened or loosened where the individual measurements of your foot require it.

Diabetic Sandals

Because many diabetic feet have a slower rate of healing and are extra sensitive to heat, friction, and injury from foreign particles; diabetic sandals have a much taller order to deliver when it comes to comfort and foot protection than your average orthopedic sandal. To prevent foot irritation that can lead to blisters and calluses, the interior of a diabetic sandal needs to be as close to seamless as possible. Thong sandals (flip flops) are not recommended for most diabetics because of the risk of damaging the fragile tissue between the toes, nor are open toe sandals because of the danger of stubbing a toe (even a minor foot wound can develop into a serious complication on a diabetic foot). Most of the diabetic sandals carried by HealthyFeetStore.com are either fisherman-style or Mary Jane sandals with vents or cut-out sections on the top of the vamp for improved aeration without creating entry ways for sand and peddles that can injury the soles of the feet. Visit our men's and women's diabetic sandals page to view our complete selection of diabetic sandals.

If you have a history of diabetic foot problems, Dr. Hurless recommends that you speak with your doctor prior to wearing diabetic sandals.

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