Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | Plantar Fasciitis Specialized Shoes

Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis must provide support to the heel and arch in order to successfully ease pain. Any shoe with a closed heel will reduce pain for plantar fasciitis, but the combination of a supportive shoe and footbed or insole with good arch support is the answer to treat Plantar Fasciitis effectively.

People can get Plantar Fasciitis if their arch is under-supported or if their plantar fascia muscle band is overused, due to a collapsed arch, too flimsy of shoes or going barefoot. Sufferers feel pain in their heel because when the foot's arch starts to collapse, the plantar fascia muscle band (which starts at the heel and fans out to the toes) stretches and gets micro-tears.

Elements required in shoes for plantar fasciitis are: firm heel counters, minimal midsole torquing (unable to bend or twist in the midsole), flexion only at the toebox, strong arch support and secure closure system. Shoes with closed heels are also some of the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

If you suffer from heel pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, we recommend you wear supportive shoes and arch supporting insoles, but soft, Silicone Heel Cushions can cushion your heels for relief.