Warranty Information (U.S.) | What Is Covered?

From the date of receipt, all shoes and foot care products sold at HealthyFeetStore.com (U.S. orders only) have a 60 day warranty that covers manufacturing defects involving materials and/or workmanship.

HealthyFeetStore.com's 60 Day Warranty Coverage (U.S. Only)

Covered in Warranty* Not Covered in Warranty
Defects in material or workmanship Normal wear and tear
Sole separation Unusual wear including holes and rips
Seam rips Fit related problems
Eyelets ripping Lack of maintenance
*Warranty coverage only applies
to manufacturing defects
Failure to follow or comply to care
  Accidental damage
  Natural breakdown of material over time
  Color fading
  Exposure to chemicals, cement, lime, snow or water if the product is not designed for that purpose

Warranty Shipping Information (U.S. Only)

  • Customers are responsible for all shipping costs of warranty items that are shipped back to HealthyFeetStore.com's warehouse.
  • HealthyFeetStore.com will only cover the cost of shipping replacement items back to the customer.
  • Footwear must be cleaned prior to shipment. Footwear must be shipped back in its original shoe box. Please do not place a shipping label on the shoe box and use the shoe box as the shipping box. If the shoe box is damaged, an $8 fee will be charged to the customer (we recommend placing the shoe box in a shipping box). Please include a note (cover letter) that lists your name, address, daytime phone number, and a brief description of the issue. We suggest using a shipping service such as UPS to ship your item since all UPS shipments can be traced via a tracking number.
  • Once HealthyFeetStore.com receives the warranty item, a close inspection will take place to assess and determine the condition.
  • If HealthyFeetStore.com deems the condition as Not Covered in Warranty, the item will be shipped back to the customer and the shipping cost will be charged to the customer.
  • If HealthyFeetStore.com deems the condition as Covered in Warranty, the item will be replaced and shipped back to the customer and HealthyFeetStore.com will cover the cost of shipping the replacement item to the customer.
  • For any questions about HealthyFeetStore.com's 60 Day warranty, please contact customer service at 1-866-324-3338 or email cservice@healthyfeetstore.com.

International Warranty Information

  • Please call customer service at 1-866-324-3338 for information about HealthyFeetStore.com's International Warranty Policy.