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House slippers, also known as house shoes, are the epitome of comfort because they provide luxurious comfort that can only come from wearing light, low-cut shoes. From the minute you slide into them in the morning, to the last second you take them off before bed, you can be sure that they'll keep your feet cozy and relaxed. For true comfort at home, you can't go wrong wearing a healthy pair of slippers.

We carry a wide selection of men's and women's orthotic slippers. Please take some time to peruse through the links above!

HealthyFeetStore.com carries slippers from some of the leading brands in the market such as Comfortrite, Cloud Nine, Daniel Green, Old Friendís Sheepskin, Acorn

Comfortable Slippers have Orthopedic Benefits

Just when we thought slippers for orthotics couldn't get more comfortable, they definitely can because some slippers offer orthopedic and therapeutic features. At HealthyFeetStore.com, we carry orthopedic slippers that not only offer a whole new level of comfort, but health benefits as well. We carry men's and women's orthotic slippers that provide arch support, have memory-foam midsoles, and come with removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics - features not often found in normal house shoes. We even carry durable house slippers that are skid resistant, offer flexible TPR outsoles, and have adjustable closure designs. Our orthopedic slippers are produced with a variety of materials such as leather, sheepskin (shearling), cotton, polyester, and all-natural grains. At HealthyFeetStore.com you'll find many types and styles of orthopedic house slippers, from moccasin slippers to leather slippers to sheepskin scuff slippers to memory foam slippers to boiled wool slippers; and for those who seek wider sizes - extra wide slippers are available as well. Please take time to look through our grand selection of women's slippers and men's slippers that are extremely comfortable and podiatrist approved.

Sheepskin Slippers Are Really Comfortable!

When it comes to real comfort, orthopedic slippers lined with sheepskin are the absolute best because of what the sheepskin fiber has to offer: it's a natural thermostatic material that keeps the interior of the slipper at a constant body temperature, which works well for those with cold feet caused by poor circulation. Sheepskin also keeps moisture away because it's a breathable material, which means feet will stay dry and there will be less chances of getting foot odor caused by sweaty feet. This material is very durable as well because it's static-free, windproof, and resists snags and tears. Old Friend's Sheepskin and Cloud Nine are popular brands that carry numerous moccasin slippers and fuzzy slippers with sheepskin lining and durable outsoles. These brands have women's slippers and men's slippers in different sizes, color, and styles; plus some of them accommodate custom orthotics because they have removable footbeds. Whether one seeks a sheepskin fuzzy slipper with a cuff or one with an adjustable strap, Old Friend's Sheepskin and Cloud Nine sheepskin slippers offer a little bit of everything, and at HealthyFeetStore.com, we carry a vast selection from both brands.

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Diabetic Slippers - Slippers for Sensitive Feet

Diabetic slippers are slippers that are able to meet the needs of feet that require not only comfort, but protection and support. The Comfortrite slippers, Heritage and Innovator are classified as diabetic slippers because they have many of the same characteristics as diabetic shoes. Both Comfortrite diabetic slippers come with two removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics. Both Comfortrite slippers are internally seamless with extra room in the toe box to avoid blisters and skin irritations. Both the Comfortrite, Heritage and the Comfortrite, Innovator are also fully adjustable to alterations in size and shape that can occur in diabetic feet over time. As with most diabetic shoes, diabetic slippers are also suitable for use with feet that have edema or are undergoing the post-operative recovery process.

Therapeutic Slippers - Slippers that Put Comfort First

Therapeutic slippers do more than pamper feet. They proactively promote foot health and prevent foot pain. Therapeutic slippers follow these five principles of comfort.

  1. Therapeutic slippers do not restrict blood flow to the feet.
  2. Therapeutic slippers cushion and absorb shock, reducing stress to the joints.
  3. Therapeutic slippers absorb or wick away moisture.
  4. Therapeutic slippers are lightweight, yet durable.
  5. Therapeutic slippers have soft internal padding without intrusive seams.

All of the slippers sold at HealthyFeetStore.com can be classified as therapeutic slippers, but some of our slippers have special characteristics that allow them to fit under other slipper classifications as well.

Orthotic Slippers - Support and Pain Prevention

Men's and women's orthotic slippers have built-in arch support and provide superior shock absorption. For people who suffer from arch or other foot pain; walking and standing while doing chores or spending time with loved ones in the home can be just as hard on the joints and muscles as walking outdoors. Acorn moccasin slippers, Acorn spa slippers, and Old Friend sheepskin slippers have specially designed footbeds to allow for an even distribution of weight across each foot. Slippers for orthotics have a comfortable, foot-soothing design that can also add an extra element of luxury to an evening routine in addition to promoting foot health.

For more options of stylish footwear, be sure to look at our grand selection of orthopedic shoes for women as well as our huge assortment of men's orthopedic shoes.

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