Collection: Diabetic Neuropathy Orthotics & Footwear

The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, a degenerative nerve condition caused by diabetes, are manifested most noticeably in the feet and hands. Of these two areas, the feet have it worse for several reasons. Firstly, feet typically have the responsibility of holding an individual's entire body weight, which can exacerbate symptoms of pain and discomfort caused by nerve damage through physical stress. Feet are also often covered by socks and shoes, both of which, if not properly designed, can lead to skin deterioration and the development of deformities, including bunions, hammertoes and Charcot foot. Here at, we carry a number of specially-designed products built to mitigate foot-related symptoms caused by diabetic neuropathy. In our inventory, you'll find specialized orthotics, socks, insoles and shoes designed to bring comfort, stability and protection to the diabetic foot. For anyone looking to take control of their diabetic neuropathy symptoms, the brand-name products available here are an excellent first step.