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At we sell therapeutic and orthopedic stretchable shoes for men and women in popular, podiatrist-respected brands such as PW Minor, Comfortrite, Acor, Orthofeet, Pedors, and Darco. Men and women can choose from a variety of styles and fashions including shoes with adjustable straps, lace-ups, clogs, Oxfords, and Mary Janes.

Whether you have diabetes, edema (foot swelling), Morton's neuroma, bunions, hammertoes, deformed toes, or pain on the top of the foot; stretchable shoes can provide the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and flexibility.

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Stretchable Shoes for Diabetic Feet

The most common foot complications that people with diabetes suffer from are foot ulcers and calluses. These are usually caused by shoes that constrict, rub, or pinch. The loose, flexible fit of all stretchable shoes, as well as special features such as built-in foam padding and cushioned footbeds make orthopedic stretchable shoes particularly beneficial for diabetic feet.

The expandable material of a stretchable shoe's upper makes it easy to put on and take off without friction or abrasion. The orthopedic stretchable shoes for men and women available at also have orthopedic insoles designed to provide reliable support, stability, and shock absorption.

Although many people with diabetic feet prefer to wear stretchable shoes, this is not the only option available. Feel free to browse our diabetic shoes page for other diabetic footwear options.

Wide Width Stretchable Shoes for Bunions

Wide width stretchable shoes are usually an easy fit for feet with bunions and others conditions that alter the shape of the foot such as hammertoes. To relieve and prevent bunion pain and to ensure any inflammation does not worsen, it is important to wear shoes with a wide and deep toebox. This can be problematic if your bunion has become inflamed because your toebox may feel more constricted on days when your bunion is more swollen.

The loose, expandable fit of orthopedic stretchable shoes can provide a solution. Orthopedic stretchable shoes for men and women are gentle enough on tender feet and toe joints not to interfere with the healing process, while providing the protection and support you need to maintain comfortable mobility.

Orthopedic stretchable shoes are not the only footwear option for bunion relief. Browse our bunion shoes page for other shoes designed to relieve bunion pain and discomfort.

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