Mens Shoe Size Chart

Finding the right shoe size is critical, especially when you rely on orthopedic shoes to treat a chronic foot condition or general pain and discomfort. A too-small or too-large shoe can also contribute to common foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, corns, and blisters.

We’ve created our men’s foot size chart to help you find your perfect size and achieve maximum comfort.

How to Use Our Men’s Shoe Size Chart

If you’re not sure of your ideal shoe size, start by drawing the outline of your foot on a sheet of paper (do this while barefoot). Then, measure the length of the outline to the longest point to get the total length of your foot in inches. Once you have that number, use it to find your ideal U.S. and European shoe size on our conversion chart.

If you typically use the European sizing convention, our men’s shoe size chart makes it easy to find your U.S. equivalent. Just locate your European size on the chart and note the corresponding U.S. size on the same row.

Men's Size Conversion
US Size Inches Europe
6 9 14" 39
6.5 9 12" 39
7 9 58" 40
7.5 9 34" 40/41
8 9 1516" 41
8.5 10 18" 41/42
9 10 14" 42
9.5 10 716" 42/43
10 10 916" 43
10.5 10 34" 43/44
11 10 1516" 44
11.5 11 18" 44/45
12 11 14" 45
13 11 916 46
14 11 78" 47
15 12 316" 48
16 12 12" 49

Find the Perfect Fit

Because men’s shoe sizes can vary slightly between manufacturers, offers free exchanges. If, for any reason, you don’t get the perfect fit, send back your new shoes and we’ll gladly exchange them until we get it right.

If you have special sizing considerations like extra width or a narrow heel, we have shoes to accommodate your needs. Just browse our wide selection of comfort and orthopedic shoes, and filter your search according to your footwear needs. We’re here to help you find the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned.