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Slip-Resistant At-Work Safety Shoes for Your Fast-Paced Work Place offers a complete line of comfortable slip resistant shoes for men and women, which include nurse shoes, hospital shoes, chef shoes, restaurant shoes, and other slip resistant shoes for on-the-go professionals. These slip resistant work shoes come with orthopedic features, offering superior support and comfort to prevent foot pain and protect your feet from the strain of a long work day. All of our slip resistant work shoes are made from durable, high quality leather. Many of our non-slip work shoes have removable insoles and extra depth to accommodate custom orthotics and arch supporting insoles. Many are podiatrist recommended to prevent foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and ball of foot pain. Some of our slip resistant shoes come in wide and extra wide widths for men and women.

Please Note: We do not guarantee that all slip resistant footwear sold at is 100% slip resistant under every surface condition.

Shop for Podiatrist Recommended Slip Resistant Work Shoes:

Orthopedic Restaurant & Medical Professional Shoes

Our slip resistant restaurant and medical professional work shoes are ideal for those working in fast-paced work environments where trips and slips are a constant danger. Our comfortable slip resistant shoes for men and women come in various styles and with a variety of features. We have classic styled shoes with anti-slip, non-skid soles that make perfect hospital shoes for doctors and nurses. We have shoes with hook and loop straps and clogs with closed heel back designs that are ideal for waiters, cooks or chefs. Medical professionals and restaurant workers will be grateful for the extra shock absorption and arch support at the end of a long day of standing and walking. Whichever type you choose, our slip resistant at-work safety shoes are so comfortable you won't want to take them off and luckily many of our work shoes are stylish enough to wear outside the workplace. Shoe brands with slip resistant features include Spring Step, New Balance, Propet,and Klogs.

What to consider about comfortable slip resistant shoes for men and women:

  • Quality: Not all slip resistant shoes are well made. If you're going to invest in slip resistant work shoes, make sure they provide quality healthy features such as breathable leather or synthetic uppers, removable insoles to accommodate custom inserts, arch support for pronation control, heel stabilization for added stability and durable outsoles for long-lasting wear.
  • Selection: Be sure to choose the right type of slip resistant shoe for the job. If you're on the go a lot, you might consider a slip resistant work shoe with a closed heel and secure closure design. If your job requires you to stand most of the time, a slip resistant clog styled shoe with an open back may be preferable.
  • ANSI Standards: When doing research, make sure that the shoe is actually certified as slip resistant. Typically, the words Slip Resistant will be found on the bottom surface of the sole. Also, make sure that "slip resistant" it's mentioned in the information that is supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Shoe Tread: Slip resistant works shoes will usually have unique tread patterns made up of small circles, triangles, or square-like shapes. The tread patterns will most likely be compacted together; but have enough spacing between each other so that water or other liquids can be siphoned away when the sole of the shoe makes contact with the surface of the ground.
  • Tread Wear: The tread on slip resistant work shoes will eventually wear out. Keep a sharp eye and always check the condition of the tread on your shoes. Make sure you replace your shoes when this happens.

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