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Do you feel a sharp pain in your heel every morning when you first get out of bed?

This is the most frequently reported symptom of patients with plantar fasciitis. The heel pain is worst in the morning because the plantar fascia, a ligament that stretches from your toe joints to your heel, has been in a short, contracted position all night. When you stand up the ligament stretches out and the inflammation becomes painful as a result of the sudden increase in tension to the tissue. While plantar fasciitis is not the only cause of heel pain (visit our heel pain page for a discussion of other possible causes), it is by far the most common. Particularly in its early stages, plantar fasciitis is fairly easy to treat with the use of a plantar fasciitis night splint, properly supportive shoes, and arch supporting insoles or inserts. By following the links below you will find podiatrist recommended shoes and products for the treatment of plantar fasciitis as well as additional information.