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This series of helpful and instructive articles are provided by Dr. Hurless, other podiatrists, professional journals, and professional organizations involved in the treatment, care, and proper maintenance of feet and feet problems. Please feel free to write us with any comments, questions or suggestions via email (contact us)

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Not sure where to start? Check out our guides and tips to learn about common foot problems, what causes them, and how to treat them. Learn about the top brands, styles and features that can help relieve the foot problems you didn't realize you have.

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  • Your Feet And COVID 19
    Barefoot walking all day, especially on hard surfaced floors, can cause some serious foot pain if you’re not used to it... ( read more...)

  • Do You Abuse Your Feet?
    Women account for nearly 90 percent of all operations performed to correct common foot disorders such as bunions, hammertoes and neuromas . The shoes women wear are probably the biggest culprits, especially dress shoes, which are typically characterized by a tight fit, narrow toe boxes, high heels and shapes that don't conform to the foot. ( read more...)

  • Prevent Foot Problems Before They Begin
    “Doc, I wish I knew earlier…” Implementing healthy habits now can prevent long-term foot problems before they begin. There are four major preventative steps that patients can take right now to ensure healthy feet and prevent general and prolonged foot problems...( read more...)

  • Growing Stronger - Strength Training for Older Adults: Why Strength Training?
    Research has shown that strengthening exercises are both safe and effective for women and men of all ages, including those who are not in perfect health.( read more...)

  • 5 Common Summer Foot Problems
    Summer is in full swing, which means fun in the sun filled with plenty of opportunities to show off your feet. Be careful, summertime can be rough on your feet and cause an increase in foot and ankle problems...( read more...)

  • Summer Foot Care
    Summertime is here and so are sunny days spent splashing in pools and relaxing on the beach. As many vacationers know, summer can cause some extra wear and tear on the body. Educated consumers usually protect themselves by purchasing sunscreen, lip protectants, and sunglasses. But many will forget to look after two of the most important and neglected parts of the body -- the feet.( read more...)

  • Favorite Shoe Choices For Summer
    With Summer upon us, flip flops seem fitting for the warmer weather. Before you slip into a pair of flimsy sandals, you might want to consider options that provide proper arch support and comfortability..( read more...)

  • Ankle Sprain | Old Ankle Sprains Increase Injury Risk for Newly Active Baby Boomers
    A local foot and ankle surgeon has a message for Baby Boomers now getting back into fitness and sport...( read more...)

  • Obesity | Study Finds Obesity Changes Foot Structure and the Way Children Walk
    "There are several potential causes of the structural changes in children's feet. It may be that the extra weight puts greater pressure on the joint interactions in the foot, leading to disruption in the way the foot aligns and functions; there may be a hormonal association with the excessive mass; excess fatty tissue or increased bone formation."( read more...)

  • Cold Feet | 5 Possible Reasons For Cold Feet
    Are you cold all the time? Do you know someone who always complains about cold hands or cold feet? As the temperature drops in the winter, the body draws blood from the extremities...( read more...)

  • Wide Feet
    If you are someone who deals with having wide feet, you know that it can easily be the source of foot discomfort. Whether you were born with wide feet or your feet have broadened as you’ve aged...( read more...)

  • Solution To Knee & Foot Pain Post Quarantine
    Since the stay at home orders were put into effect, there have been numerous concerns voiced by patients dealing with the pain from the feet up to the knee. ...( read more...)

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  • Foot Fungus | How Are Foot Fungal Problems Treated?
    The fungal problems seen most often are athlete’s foot and fungal nails. A fungus is a common mold that thrives in dark, warm, moist areas. On the feet, it can grow on and between toes, as well as on soles and toenails. Fungal problems can be a result of environment (socks, shoes, heat, and humidity) or weakened immunity diseases such as diabetes... ( read more )

  • Toenails | Common Toenail Problems and How to Treat Them
    Toenail problems can be painful and extremely frustrating to have, especially when blackened toenails, toenail fungus, and ingrown toenails are involved… ( read more )

  • Cracked Feet | Treating Heels With Cracks and Fissures
    Cracks and fissures are breaks in your skin. They may be the result of skin that is too dry or too moist. When skin is too dry, it can become rough and flaky. A large fissure often forms at the base of the heel… ( read more )

  • Cracked Heels
    With warm weather approaching comes beach walks and backyard barbeques. The poolside sandals are broken out for summer attire and the innocent barefoot wandering begins. With this, comes cracked heels and callused feet. ( read more )

  • Warts | How Does a Podiatrist Treat Plantar Warts?
    A wart is an infection caused by a virus, which can invade your skin through small cuts or breaks. Over time, the wart develops into a hard, rough growth on the surface of the skin… ( read more )

  • Athlete's Foot | Athlete’s Foot: What Is It? And How Can I Prevent It?
    You’ve heard of it. You know you’re not suppose to walk around in bare feet in the gym locker room because you can catch it. But what is it? Athlete’s foot, known medically as tinea pedis, is a common skin infection of the feet caused by fungus… ( read more )

  • Toenail Fungus
    Summer is just around the corner and you may want to think twice before lounging barefoot and breaking out your flip-flops. After all, the last thing you want hindering you from your long-awaited family vacation is a painful fungus (aka Onychomycosis) growing beneath your toenails... ( read more )

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  • Kid's Feet - A Podiatrist's Perspective
    Many adult foot ailments, like other bodily ills, have their origins in childhood and are present at birth. Periodic professional attention and regular foot care can minimize these problems in later life…. ( read more )

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If you are are still not sure where to begin, please feel free to contact us at any time and we can help find the perfect shoe for your needs!

Learn More About Foot Conditions

Looking to learn more about your specific foot condition? Check out the articles below to find treatments and therapies for everything from bunions to diabetes. If you have a foot condition that you can't find answers about, let us know! We are dedicated to finding solutions for your problems.
    AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthotic. An AFO is a brace used to help the lower leg and foot function in an improved way... ( read more )

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  • High Arched Feet
    A high arch in the foot, otherwise known as Cavus foot, occurs when there is a disproportionate amount of weight placed on the ball and heel of the foot… ( read more )

  • What Causes Flat Feet
    Is the arch of your foot lower than usual? Does the sole of your foot almost completely touch the ground?... ( read more )

  • Are Fallen Arches a Real Foot Problem?
    There are several types of flatfoot conditions that occur in adults. The most common type is adult-acquired flatfoot, which is caused by overstretching a tendon that supports the arch… ( read more )


  • Arthritis of the Big Toe Joint
    One of the most common problems that I see is arthritis of the big toe joint. Arthritis is a joint disorder that is caused by the thinning or absence of cartilage in the joint… ( read more )

  • Arthritis - Big Toe Joint
    Big toe joint pain can be caused by many reasons but arthritis is one of the most common causes. Arthritis occurs when cartilage in the joints wears down and exposed bone rub against each other. This bone to bone interaction causes inflammation and then pain.… ( read more )

  • Common Changes In The Aging Foot
    We get older. Our bodies get older. There is nothing we can do about it but accept it and become knowledgeable about the changes that happen in our bodies, including our feet… ( read more )

  • Treatments Keep Seniors Active and Pain Free
    Senior citizens with foot pain can do something about it. Instead of abiding by the faulty but commonly accepted notion that muscle and joint discomfort is a natural consequence of aging… ( read more )

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  • Ball of the Foot Pain
    “Doctor, I have pain under the ball of my foot.” “Doctor, I have pain under the ball of my foot." When a patient complains of this symptom, it is usually one of two problems: Capsulitis or a Neuroma ( read more )

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  • Bunion Treatment
    I always say bunions are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike. Some bunions are big, some are small. Some are painful and some never hurt. … ( read more )

  • Truth About Bunion Surgery
    However, most often, bunions develop as a result of an inherited structural defect, stress on your foot or a medical condition, such as arthritis. The good news is that almost all bunions can be fixed surgically… ( read more )

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  • Edema / Swelling
    Edema is the medical term for swelling and there are many potential reasons to have edema or swelling of the foot and/or ankle.… ( read more )

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  • Morton's Neuroma - Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment
    A Morton's neuroma is a benign (noncancerous) swelling along a nerve in the foot that carries sensations from the toes. The reason the nerve starts to swell is unknown. But once swelling begins, the nearby bones and ligaments put pressure on the nerve, causing more irritation and inflammation... ( read more )

  • Let's Talk About Neuromas
    You’ve heard the word, but until you actually have one, you may not know what they actually are. According to the APMA ( American Podiatric Medical Association ), a neuroma is a painful condition, also referred to as a “pinched nerve” or a nerve tumor.... ( read more )

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  • Plantar Fasciitis: Heel Pain
    There are many causes of heel pain, but unquestionably the most common is Plantar Fasciitis. The Plantar Fascia is the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot. Plantar Fasciitis occurs when this tissue is torn or inflamed. This tear or inflammation normally includes swelling, pain and/or difficulty walking... ( read more...)

  • Why Does My Heel Hurt?
    Do you have a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot near your heel when you first step down in the morning? The number one cause of heel pain in the US is a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a soft tissue structure in the bottom of all of our feet that connects from the the heel bone to the bottom of all five toes. The plantar fascia works like a bowstring to help stabilize the arch... ( read more...)

  • Common Reasons For Plantar Fasciitis
    According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 77 percent of Americans over 18 suffer from foot pain at one time in their life. Approximately 2 million people in the United States will suffer from one of the most common foot pains called Plantar Fasciitis... ( read more...)

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  • How Do I Deal With Foot Pronation?
    Pronation is the word used to describe a normal motion that we all have in our feet. Pronation occurs in the rearfoot when we land with walking or running and is essentially our built in shock absorber. The foot during pronation tends to lean inward towards the big toe side and sometimes it’s associated with the arch dropping or falling.. ( read more...)

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